Most service organizations have a niche, a focused group of products and/or geography in which they deliver their services.

ISP thrives on this very premise. To our end user clients we bring combinations of these specialized service companies and tie them together with our MVS (multi-vendor services) portal.

We bring this same value proposition to our service provider partners.

We have partnered with hundreds of OEM, OEM authorized, and select third party maintenance organizations enabling us to build solutions for nearly any hardware service need regardless of product type, age, location, or SLA requirement.

Our service provider partners access the best-in-class service companies through our service contract management portal. Or, you can even private label our software, link it to your website and make it the front end to your customers.

Any time you have a break/fix need that is outside your technical expertise or geographic reach, ISP can fill this “white space” and provide you with a solution.

If you subcontract business now from multiple service companies, please give our pricing a try by using our request-a-quote form. You might be surprised at our prices.

You might be surprised at our prices. Plus, you can consolidate all of your outsourced services into one solution. One on-line database to place all tickets, track all call history, escalate all calls, see all contracts, and plan all renewals.

ISP will proactively send renewal notices to your organization to ensure no lapse in coverage.

You can even be involved in who we choose as the integrated service partner – or not. Involvement in this process is completely up to you.

Let ISP be your One-Stop-Shop for subcontracted maintenance!

Save Time and Money through vendor consolidation and service contract management with ISP’s MVS Portal.