Looking for a way to Capitalize the “V” in VAD?

Nearly all distributors have the ability to sell OEM service contracts. However, very few add value to that sale beyond a SKU, an invoice, and directing the VAR to the OEM for any and all service questions.

Partnering with ISP and offering our MVS (multi-vendor service) management portal to your VAR community will add tremendous value to your service contract and hardware sales.

With ISP, you will be able to offer our MVS portal to your channel partners. Each VAR will be enabled to launch a private labeled version of our service management web-based software courtesy of you!

You will be in position to offer the VAR an efficient way to track and receive renewal notices, get service pricing, administer contracts, give clients on-line dispatch, call history reporting, track assets, request supplies, and much more.

You will receive

  • Greater loyalty from your VAR by offering them a complete service sales, service administration, & service renewal solution
  • Better positioning for technology refresh – know where the hardware is, what it is, how old it is.
  • In the eyes of your VAR, all of the benefits listed below come from you!

Your VAR will receive

  • A web-based global service management portal
  • On-line request a quote feature
  • On-line service contract data base
  • On-line dispatch, call escalation, and call history reporting
  • On-line supplies request link
  • On-line request a quote link for services
  • A vastly expanded technological and geographical service footprint
  • Better positioning for technology refresh through service contract visibility
  • The ability to sell non OEM services when necessary to stay connected with the end user
  • A dedicated customer service team at ISP for all service administration, delivery, and renewal needs.

In the eyes of your VAR, all of this value-add comes from you!

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